Super Sentai On Demand

Super Sentai On Demand

Shout! Factory TV is your home for Super Sentai, where you can watch the complete series across a wide range of digital streaming platforms. See where the worldwide phenomenon began with the original Japanese series that inspired the Power Rangers franchise! We’re releasing entire series, with Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger, and Ohranger currently available in their entirety.

Super Sentai Zyuranger -- WATCH ALL 50 EPISODES NOW

When the sinister witch Bandora is released from her prison after 170 million years, five warriors from an ancient time arise from their suspended animation to once again defend Earth from Bandora and her evil horde. Armed with enchanted weapons and giant robotic deities known as the Guardian Beasts, it's up to these warriors to defeat Bandora and her monsters before she can exact revenge upon the Earth!

Gosei Sentai Dairanger -- WATCH ALL 50 EPISODES NOW

The three Tribes of the Daos Empire -- Shura, Dai and Gorma -- were peaceful until the Gorma set out to conquer the planet, launching a magical war between the Gorma and Dai Tribes that lasted for centuries. In the end, both civilizations were lost…until now. The evil Gorma have returned. Now, it's up to Master Kaku to assemble a team of kids with high levels of Ch'i to become the protectors of the Earth known as the Dairangers!

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger -- WATCH ALL 53 EPISODES NOW

It’s been a long time since the great war between the Three God Generals and the Youkais, an ancient race of monstrous spirits. Since then, imprisoned in a cave protected by the mystical Seal Door, their leader Daimaou and his Youkai army wait, planning for the day they can finally strike. That day has arrived and it is up to the Kakurangers, along with the Three God Generals, to defeat the Youkais, before Daimaou's villainy destroys Earth!

Chouriki Sentai Ohranger -- WATCH ALL 48 EPISODES NOW

It is the year 1999. The Machine Empire of Baranoia, led by Emperor Bacchus Wrath, has invaded Earth to wipe out all human life and bring about machine rule. In order to quell the invasion, Chief Counsellor Miura of the UAOH (United Airforce Overtech Hardware) has revived super energies born of the lost civilization of Pangaea. Enlisting an elite squad of UAOH officers, Miura has harnessed Tetrahedron Power, granting the team the power to transform into the Ohrangers … and save humanity from its darkest crisis yet!

More Super Sentai series will be available for streaming shortly. Sign up for the Shout! Factory TV email newsletter to be in the know! Can’t wait to stream? The following titles are currently available on DVD at   Super Sentai is available on the following Shout! Factory TV platforms:
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