New In August!

End of summer blues gotcha ya down? Then pick yourself up as Shout! Factory TV Presents Starcade! Binge your favorite episodes from the first 'Video Game' game show of its kind and re-live the glory days of 1980s video game graphics with the 8 bit kingdoms of Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and Star Trek! Or maybe the high definition of 1990s television is more your style? If so, enjoy the crystal clear laughs of the MST3K crew as they riff on 'Wild Rebels' and 'Angels Revenge'. Watch as the crew turns into bikers, presents 'Wild Rebel's' cereal, and Mike learns the true meaning of biker culture. It's all robot approved! Just like our new 'Prime 9' episodes! Join us, as the countdown to the greatest characters in baseball history continues. We're featuring Yogi Berra, Harry Caray, Vin Scully, and much more! But don't forget to catch a few laughs as we present all of the bloopers, mishaps, and lack of coordination skills from your favorite highly paid athletes, as well. So there is no reason to feel bad about the summer ending when it's all streaming here, on Shout Factory TV!


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