New In July!

Has the new season of MST3K on Netflix wet your appetite for more? Well, fret not! Satisfy your craving with Shout! Factory TV Present's Rifftrax! Join Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbet as they riff on ten of our favorite classic and cheesy movies including, "Wonder Women", "Jack The Giant Killer" and more! It's all available on demand. But once you're doing riffing it up with this crew, join the MST3K crew as they riff on "Operation Kid Brother" and "Racket Girls". Don't miss the bot wedding to remember and of course hilarious wrestle-mania antics! But that's not all! In a world filled with cosplay, super heroes, and spotty wifi connection prepare for this year's Comic Con the Shout Factory TV Present's Comic Con Survival Guide. Revisit the manual that will optimize your comic con experience! And finally, enjoy four new Prime 9 episodes! We're counting the down the top outfielders in baseball history and featuring the talents of Will Mays, Ichiro, Babe Ruth, and more! Start the discussion on who was the top dog and who was taken to the dog house.


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