New In June!

Remember the boring old days of summer, well with Shout Factory TV's new programming in June, this summer promises to be the best summer ever! To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Scream Factory, Shout Factory TV is bringing you 5 Nights of Fear! We'll be screening a cult classic horror film each night for five nights, starting June 12th including, Nightbreed, Exorcist III, and more! But that's not all! Join us as Shout Factory TV presents, 'The Dr. Ruth Show' on demand! Re-watch full episodes of the therapist that changed it all as she answers questions on relationships, marriage, and intercourse with special guests such as Jerry Seinfeld, Joan Rivers, Burt Reynolds, and more! And then after your visit with the doctor, check out two of our favorite Classic MST3K episodes, "The Magic Sword" and "The Screaming Skull". Watch Crow T. Robot and the crew make medieval costumes and then riff on a new wife being haunted by her husband's dead ex wife. And then cap it all off with MLB Prime 9's Infielders. Start the discussion on who is the best of the best and who is the worst of the worst.


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