New In October!

The seasons are changes and coming with those changes are new and exciting content from Shout! Factory TV! And what better way to distract you from the upcoming cold weather is SPORTS! We're bringing you four new episodes of MLB Prime 9, covering 'Cinderella Seasons', 'The Greatest Post Season Catches', and more! Check out exciting clips of Willie Mays, David Ortiz, and Darryl Strawberry! But if baseball is not your cup of tea then we have just remedy, enough Classic MST3K to cure any ailment with riffs on your cheesy films such as, 'The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy'! And then after you're done chillin' with the satellite of love crew, make your way over to Shout! Factory TV for all of your Halloween horror movie needs with 'Army of Frankenstein', 'Bite', 'Bedtime Stories', and Zombie Fight Club'! Remember the first rule of zombie fight club is brains, so be sure to use your brain to watch for the Super Sentai Mega Ranger Marathon on October 28th! So whether its sports, tv, or movies Shout Factory TV has something for everyone! It's all streaming here, on Shout Factory TV!


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