New In September!

To celebrate September, Shout! Factory TV will show some back to school classics, such as Rock 'N Roll High School and Class of 1984. When an evil principal stops the students of Rock 'N Roll High School from rocking out, they take over the school with a little help from The Ramones. In Class of 1984, witness a film about the enduring bond between a teacher and his students, and the lengths teachers will go to reach their pupils. To see more people held against their will, tune into all 17 episodes of The Prisoner! When a man wakes up in a mysterious compound known as The Village, he struggles to find answers and escape the control of his captors. And don't forget to catch the complete series of Space: 1999! A nuclear explosion sends Moonbase Alpha soaring through space, rocketing the crew to mind-bending adventures. Watch as they search for a new home. Finally, settle in for two classic episodes of MST3K! In "Teenagers From Outer Space," Joel and the crew sit through a movie about alien teens taking over the planet. And in "Time Chasers," a scientist develops time travel technology and immediately sells it to an evil corporation.


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