See What's Streaming in April on Shout! Factory TV

April has it all, including new editions to Shout! Factory TV! Before someone tries to do a gritty reboot to an original cinematic universe, come watch the original Ultraman Leo in all of this glory. We will be streaming every episode back to back on April 18th! And then on April 26th, you won't want to miss the Home Movies Bingefest! A live streaming event with all 52 episodes of the ground-breaking animated show, plus all kinds of special features. Also, don't forget to celebrate the birthday of the great Jackie Chan! All throughout April, Shout Factory TV will be airing the special Jackie Chan playlist, featuring such classics as, City Hunter, The Protector and Fantasy Mission Force. But wait! There's also two classic MST3K episodes. Don't get drenched by rain, stay inside and join Joel, Tom Servo, Crow, and the rest of the MST3K Crew for some classic episodes! A paleontologist gains the power of the puma in, "The Pumaman," and a man becomes half beast in, "Werefolf." So don't miss out on all that April has to offer on Shout! Factory TV! It's all streaming here!


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