Robin Of Sherwood: S3 E1 - Herne's Son (Part 1) Robin Of Sherwood

A year has passed since Robin of Loxley's death; the band of outlaws has scattered, and the people's enemies savor their triumph. Now, a Norman nobleman and Earl's son, Robert of Huntingdon, has been chosen by Herne the Hunter to continue Robin's work and lead the resistance in Sherwood. Though Huntingdon is appalled by the oppression and cruelty he witnesses daily, he is unwilling to relinquish his privileges (and responsibilities) to lead the life of a poor outcast in Sherwood. But after an ill-fated party brings Marion of Leaford to Huntingdon Castle - where she catches the eye of the dangerous and rapacious Lord Owen of Clun - the young heir must decide whether to follow a new destiny, as the Hooded Man, before time runs out for the abducted Lady Marion.

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