Robin Of Sherwood: S3 E8 - The Betrayal Robin Of Sherwood

The Sheriff is ordered by King John to collect grain from the villages of Nottinghamshire, to supply the troops for an upcoming campaign in Wales. Knowing that the people won't survive the winter without their hard-earned harvest, the outlaws steal back the grain the next morning, just as the King's man, William Brewer, comes to collect it. In desperation, the Sheriff blames the whole fiasco on Gisburne, who flees in an angry panic and leaves the Sheriff to fulfill Brewer's command: produce Gisburne's head, or lose his own. But elsewhere in the shire, an old enemy with a new agenda schemes against the outlaws, taking over Grimstone Abbey and using it as a prison for the abducted women and children of Wickham village. As Gisburne flees to Grimstone to find sanctuary, pursued by the furious Sheriff, and the outlaws follow the trail of the missing villagers, the scene is set for a confrontation between good and evil, with the future of England at stake.

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