Ultra Zero Side Story: Killer The Beatstar, Stage 1: Steel Invasion Ultra Zero Side Story: Killer The Beatstar

Ultimate Force Zero, made up of Ultraman Zero, Glen Fire, Mirror Knight, and Jean-Bot, visit Princess Emerana. However, Princess Emerana is taken from them by a mysterious, giant artificial planet. The planet captures Emerana and Jean-Bot, sends them to a different universe, then disappears. Meanwhile, Rei and Captain Hyuga from ZAP are on their way to Planet Bram for holiday. But suddenly, the artificial planet appears and they immediately go investigate. The two discover a large number of mecha robots that have tormented generations of Ultraman. Not only that, it turns out, the artificial planet is controlled by the mysterious "Beatstar"! The Mecha Robot Army is ordered to "Destroy all organic life!" Ultraman Zero and the others rush across space and time, but they are faced with Jean-Killer, the super-strong mecha robot that looks just like Jean-Bot...

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