Ultra Zero Side Story: Killer The Beatstar, Stage 2: Vows Of Justice Ultra Zero Side Story: Killer The Beatstar

Princess Emerana is reunited with Jean-Bot, who had been missing since they encountered the mysterious artificial planet. But Jean-Bot turns a blade against Princess Emerana! Meanwhile, Ultraman Zero and the others are dealing with the onslaught of Jean-Killer and are unable to move forward. Princess Emerana stands in front of an injured Litra, protecting it from the battle-axe wielding Jean-Bot. "Stop this at once!" shouts the princess, which stops Jean-Bot in its tracks. At that very moment, Jean-Killer also stops in its tracks and flies away. Rei and Hyuga, who infiltrate Jean-Bot under the guidance of Princess Emerana, learn about Beatstar, the mysterious guardian of the artificial planet that controls the robots. They also learn that Jean-Killer was made based on with Jean-Bot. What is the true reason behind Beatstar's plan to "destroy all organic life?" With every moment, the artificial planet gets closer to Planet Bram. As the planet risks a collision, Jean-Killer appears once again before Ultimate Force Zero! Faced with this unexpected attack, Princess Emerana takes action...

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