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Shout! Factory TV on Pluto TV (Channel 512)

SHOUT! FACTORY TV is a premiere digital entertainment streaming service that brings timeless and contemporary cult favorites to pop culture fans. With a uniquely curated entertainment library, the channel offers an unrivaled blend of cult TV shows, movies, comedy, original specials and more – presenting an exciting entertainment alternative to major streaming services.


MST3K on Pluto TV (Channel 264)

Welcome to the MST3K channel brought to you by Shout! Factory. On this channel you will find full length MST3K episodes, from Joel and his space traveling crew.


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MST3K Twitch Marathon

We’re celebrating the launch of our new official Twitch channel with a marathon of 38 classic episodes of the cult favorite TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. 



5 Nights Of Fear

Scream Factory™ is celebrating five years of fear with the special screening event 5 Nights Of Fear!


Swiping Right With Dr. Ruth (June 2017)

Join Dr. Ruth on her 89th birthday weekend as she presents some of her favorite episodes from her show The Dr. Ruth Show, discusses sex and dating, and answers questions during the live streaming event, Swiping Right With Dr. Ruth on Saturday, June 3rd at 6pm PT.


Super Sentai Spectacular: Kakuranger (May 2017)

Broadcasting live from the Super Sentai “secret headquarters” in Hollywood, Shout! Factory's Brian Ward will be joined by comedian Hana Michels, Geek and Sundry and Twitch personality Erika Ishii, and Power Rangers expert Shamus Kelley for a live Q&A, commentary, discussion, and more!It's all happening Saturday May 20th at 9am PT on Shout! Factory TV and Pluto TV Channel 512.


Crash Course In Better Driving (April 2017)

Shout! Factory TV's Crash Course In Better Driving is packed full of old-timey driver’s ed films, MST3K shorts, and the Scream Factory slasher film, Fender Bender (courtesy of Chiller), which shows what can go horribly wrong after even a minor accident.


MST3K Turkey Day Marathon (November 2016)

Spend Thanksgiving with MST3K creator Joel Hodgson and Season 11 host Jonah Ray!


The Decline of Western Civilization Marathon (July 2016)

See the acclaimed film series that chronicled three revolutions in the evolution of rock.


Horror Hunters Pilot (October 2016)

In Horror Hunters, horror experts Adam Rockoff and Aaron Christensen embark on a journey to discover some of the greatest collections of horror memorabilia in the world. At each destination, the Horror Hunters offer rare and valuable pieces from their own collections while attempting to trade for the most sought after, one-of-a-kind items they encounter.